How to Bleach Dyed Black Hair to Blonde

Kelly Osbourne wows with her pretty hair, bleached from black to blond.

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You may have dyed your hair black accidentally or just wanted to go dark for a while, but now you're over it. Or maybe you have black hair naturally and just want a change. Whatever the case may be, you can take that hot confidence you're rockin' and color your own hair at home. If you want to bleach your black hair to a pretty blond shade, that's no problem; you don't have to go to a fancy -- and expensive -- salon to get the change that you're after.


Put on a pair of latex gloves. These may come included with your hair-bleaching product; if not, buy them separately. Bleach is toxic stuff, and you don't want your bare hands anywhere near the stuff, honey. Not only will it temporarily bleach your hands, which is definitely a faux pas, but more importantly, it can irritate and burn skin, so that's definitely a no-no.


Mix 30 g of powdered bleach with 90 ml of creme hair developer into a hair-coloring bowl -- any regular plastic or glass container will work well, too; just don't plan on keeping it afterward. This is the basic formula for bleaching black hair blond, but refer to the instructions on your bottles to be sure. Stir the bleach and creme together with a hair-coloring brush until well blended.


Scoop a small amount of the mix onto the bristles of the hair-coloring brush and apply it onto a section of hair at the front of your head. Look into a mirror so you can see what you're doing. This may take a while, especially if you're a longer-haired gal, so you may want to get yourself comfortable, too. You don't have to be precise or perfect, but just make sure you're careful -- you don't want any of this stuff dripping off.


Continue bleaching the rest of your hair. It's easiest to start with the front of your head and work your way toward the back -- if you have a friend to help you out, that's even better. The bleach strips the black color from your hair so you can get it to a pale yellow or orange shade; don't worry, your pretty tresses aren't going to stay that color. A little bit of hair toner is going to be your best friend and help you out with this later.


Leave the bleach on your hair for the recommended amount of time. For black hair, this is usually around 45 minutes, compared to 20 or 30 minutes for lighter strands. After that, rinse that bleach out of your hair -- with gloves still on -- and rinse well until you're sure it's all out. A quick shampoo won't hurt. You don't want any bleach left in your hair because it will just continue to strip your hair and can result in breakage or cause a chunk of hair to fall out.


Prepare some hair toner as directed -- it may come premixed -- and apply this onto your hair. You may have to wait for your hair to dry first, or you can apply it onto damp hair -- again, refer to those instructions just to be sure. After time is up -- 20 minutes is the average time it takes for toner to do its job -- rinse your hair out.


Condition your hair before drying and styling. Now, your once black hair should be a pretty blond shade. Good work, girlie!

Things You'll Need


1.Latex gloves

3.Creme hair developer

5.Hair-coloring brush

7.Hair toner


2.Powdered hair bleach

4.Hair-coloring bowl




Tips & Tricks


Don't shampoo your hair for the last couple of days before coloring your hair. Shampooing strips your hair of its natural oils, and you want some natural oils in your hair to help keep your hair as protected as possible before bleaching.

Doing a strand test before coloring your hair can be really helpful if you want to be sure of what color the dye is going to turn your hair. Cut a small section of hair from around the bottom of your head -- be careful, no bald spots here, OK? -- and color this hair, then allow it to dry. See what you think and if it's still fairly dark, add in a bit more bleach to the mixture before coloring the rest of your hair.


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