What Is Better for Facial Flushing: Bio-Oil or Aveeno Overnight Calming Lotion?

What Is Better for Facial Flushing: Bio-Oil or Aveeno Overnight Calming Lotion?

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Facial flushing is common, but it can still make you feel like you're as red as a tomato. Facial flushing can come from a variety of factors including embarrassment, irritation due to cosmetics, eating hot or spicy foods, and fever. However, it does occur in some women frequently because of skin conditions like rosacea or hormonal changes like menopause. Whatever the reason, it's time to banish the redness! There are many products on the market that can combat facial flushing, including Bio-Oil and Aveeno Overnight Calming Lotion. When the main ingredients are examined, though, Bio-Oil is the clear favorite.

Beneficial Ingredients in Bio-Oil

Bio-Oil is made up predominately of botanical ingredients including calendula, lavender, rosemary and chamomile oil, and vitamins A and E to soothe redness. While those might sound like ingredients you'd use in the kitchen instead of on your face, they can calm the symptoms of facial flushing. According to Barbara Close, author of “Pure Skin: Organic Beauty Basics,” calendula and chamomile are powerful botanical ingredients used to soothe redness and skin irritation. Rosemary and lavender can also soothe irritated skin, according to Close, while vitamins A and E can even out your skin tone and give your skin a natural, healthy tone.

Beneficial Ingredients in Aveeno Overnight Calming Lotion

The main ingredient in Aveeno Overnight Calming Lotion is dimethicone. Dimethicone is a synthetic ingredient that is considered a skin protectant, meaning it puts a barrier between the skin and outside irritants. Along with dimethicone, Aveeno Overnight Calming Lotion contains oat and kernel extracts, as well as glycerin, which can soothe irritated, red skin. These ingredients are commonly used to soothe minor irritation and itching from environmental factors like dry air or from using the wrong skin care products, according to Close.

Potential Irritants in Bio-Oil

Mineral oil is in a ton of products you'll find on drugstore shelves -- but that doesn't mean it's right for your skin. Mineral oil is an ingredient used to add moisture to cosmetics, and it is a base ingredient in Bio-Oil. However, mineral oil may cause irritation and redness in some people -- think blood red if your reaction is bad -- according to Josephine Fairley, author of "The Ultimate Natural Beauty Book," while others may have no reaction to it at all. Bio-Oil also contains synthetic ingredients used to scent the product, which can cause further irritation and redness for ladies with very sensitive skin, which could exacerbate skin flushing, and that's certainly not what you need.

Potential Irritants in Aveeno Overnight Calming Lotion

Aveeno Overnight Calming Lotion contains several common ingredients that can lead to dry, irritated skin, according to Close, including benzyl alcohol, cetyl alcohol, petrolatum and sodium chloride. Glycerin can also cause minor burning sensations and slight redness in some people, according to Close. In general, if you can't spell the ingredients in your skin care products, they may not be good for you, according to Fairley.


While Aveeno Overnight Calming Lotion may work well for dry, irritated skin, especially when itching is present, it won’t do much to reduce facial flushing that isn't caused by an outside factor like allergies. The botanical and vitamin ingredients in Bio-Oil will reduce redness and flushing in most people and are unlikely to cause irritation. Still, you should test a small amount of any product you put on your skin before applying it all over your face, as there is always the possibility of a negative reaction.

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