Bentonite Clay for Oily Skin

Keep blemishes at bay with bentonite clay.

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True beauty is more than skin-deep, but a clear complexion doesn't hurt. If you've got oily skin, a daily cleanser isn't always enough to keep zits on the down-low. Name-brand beauty products rely on harsh chemical additives that can seriously irritate sensitive skin. Your best bet for complexion perfection? Bentonite clay. The naturally potent pore purifier absorbs acne-causing dirt and germs without stressing your skin. Apply weekly to keep your face flawlessly flauntable.

Basic Bentonite Mask

Spring-clean your pores with a super simple bentonite mask. The natural clay, available at health food or specialty stores, expertly rids your skin of pimple-provoking grease and grime. Get enviably smooth skin with two tbsps. of bentonite clay and two tbsps. of distilled water. Mix into a smooth paste and spread evenly across your face and neck. Allow five to 20 minutes for your mask to work its magic, then rinse with cool water for seriously sexy skin.

Fragrant Floral Facial

Want that fresh-from-the-spa feeling? Combine bentonite clay with skin-saving herbal essentials. Place one tsp. of loose organic green tea, one tsp. of dried marigold flowers and one tsp. of dried rose petals in a small ceramic bowl. Add one uncoated aspirin tablet, one ounce of white bentonite clay, one ounce of exfoliating rice bran and three vitamin C tablets. Crush all ingredients with a pestle or heavy spoon. Mix one tsp. with a few drops of water and apply across clean damp skin. Wait five minutes before rinsing for a gorgeous glamazon glow.

Sweet as Honey Skin Solution

Nothing's more embarrassing than a fresh batch of zits. But don't reach for the paper bag just yet; save face with a moisturizing bentonite and honey mask. Bentonite draws out excess oils, tightens skin and refines pores. Antibacterial honey kills pesky germs that linger on your skin's surface and sabotage your sexy self. Mix eight tbsps. of bentonite with four tbsps. pf honey, two tbsps. of astringent witch hazel, two tsps. of hydrating almond oil, two tsps. of vinegar and one tsp. of vegetable glycerin. For added pow, stir in five drops of skin-soothing lavender essential oil and three drops of rosemary essential oil. Apply for 20 minutes, then rinse for sensational skin you can dare to bare.

Claymate of the Year Mask

Greasy pizza face? So not hot. Get a kissably clean complexion in 30 minutes or less with this balancing bentonite treatment. Mix two tbsps. of bentonite clay with one tbsp. of corn flour, one organic free-range egg white and one drop of chamomile essential oil. Spread a thin even layer across your face and neck and process for 20 minutes. Rinse with cool water for a fresh face that defines fierce!

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