What Are the Benefits of Using Honey in African American Hair?

Forget tea time -- that honey's getting used in your hair.

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Honey tastes delicious in your green tea in the morning and it works like magic in your nourishing foot cream. It can do a lot more than that though, especially if you've got dry, coarse hair. African-American hair tends to be just that, but with a bit of honey you can sweeten up your locks in more ways than one. The benefits of honey in African-American hair are so impressive, you'll want to stock up on the sweet stuff.


Honey is incredibly gentle on your hair. It's completely natural so it doesn't have any harsh chemicals like a lot of the store-bought hair products do. It won't dry out or strip your hair, leaving it feeling rough and brittle to the touch. It's even safe for permed and color-treated hair, so even if your African-American locks happen to be dyed in every color of the rainbow, it's safe to use honey on your hair.


Honey is an incredibly moisturizing ingredient. You've likely seen it listed in various skin care products, but it works just as well for your hair. It doesn't matter if you use honey in a moisturizing mask or a deep conditioning treatment every couple of weeks. Honey helps seal moisture into your hair, helping it stay nourished and hydrated and prevent it from becoming as dry as sandpaper.


Honey offers serious smoothing help to African-American hair. African-American hair can be dry and course and often frizzy. Not fair, right? Well once you get rid of the frizzies, you're left with thick, voluminous hair that most girls would die for. Honey can be all you need to calm your frizzfest of a mane down and fast. It smooths the hair cuticle, leaving your hair looking sleek and healthy.

Hair Loss

Honey can even help prevent hair loss, so if you're a gal with thinning hair, you'll be out checking out beehives and thanking those honey makers. (Of course, see a doctor to rule out illness as a cause.) Whether you purchase a product or whip up a homemade recipe yourself in your kitchen, it can help thicken your limp hair and perhaps prevent future hair loss.


Sure, there are many benefits for your hair, but you'll also notice a nice advantage in your wallet. Honey is totally affordable, unlike so many of those über-expensive hair care products that are always supposed to "be the best." Head to the supermarket and stock up on a couple bottles for less than you'd spend on your latest gossip magazine. Beside that, you may cough up a few cents to pay to print out some of your favorite recipes from online if you want to whip up a few varieties of recipes for honey hair care products.


If you'd rather buy a pre-made product from your favorite beauty supply store or even the drugstore, read the label of ingredients before buying so you know you're getting real honey. Look for products that list honey as one of the first ingredients, so you know the product is actually made up mostly of honey for the results you want.

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