What Are the Benefits of a Shower Lotion?

Shower lotions work well in very dry environments.

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Cleansing is a no-brainer when it comes to clear, radiant skin, but using the wrong products to clean yourself can steal your glow and create serious skin issues, such as severe chapping. Shower lotions are the best products for some ladies because of the benefits they provide. Sometimes called "shower creams," these products are formulated differently than other cleansers and thus provide different results.

Shower Lotion Basics

You use a shower lotion in pretty much the same way you would a shower gel. The difference is that shower lotions usually are a lot thicker, with some almost approaching toothpaste-consistency territory. They don't lather up as much, so lots of ladies make the mistake of using more product than they really have to. The reason shower lotions don't lather as well is because you typically won't find any soaps in them. They use other cleansers to get the dirt, oil and grime off your skin. Most lotions for the shower also are oil-based.

Less Drying

Because shower lotions use ingredients other than soap to get you squeaky-clean, they usually don't dry your skin out as much as shower gels and bar soaps do. With more hydration, your skin won't shrivel up and wrinkle so much. That means your complexion looks tighter, younger and smoother. It also means your skin cells aren't as likely to turn over, or die, as fast, which translates to less-dulling buildup and a more natural-looking glow.


Shower lotions don't necessarily put water back into the skin; they aren't very hydrating. They do, however, moisturize. The oils and fatty acids in these products coat your skin in much the same way as the oil in your sebaceous glands. This seals in the moisture you do have in your skin and provides some protection against the harsh elements in the environment. This, combined with the no-soap factor, makes shower lotions a fabulous choice for fashionistas who are in ultra-dry climates or who are trudging through the dry winter months.

Efficiency, Savings and Exposure

To combat dry skin, lots of ladies reach for a bottle of hydrating or moisturizing lotion after they get out of the shower or bath. With a shower lotion, you might be able to skip this step, because not all of the oils and fatty acids in the lotion get rinsed away. Most gals love anything that makes their skin-care routine more efficient. As a bonus, even though shower lotions tend to be a little pricier than a shower gel or soap bar, you might save some cash overall by using the shower lotion to reduce the number of other skin-care products you use. Money aside, using fewer products often is best for your skin because it means you expose yourself to fewer chemicals or plant-derived agents that might cause a reaction.

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