What Are the Benefits of Jasmine Wax for the Skin?

Jasmine wax comes from processed blossoms of the jasmine plant.

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Mother Nature and beauty tend to be best friends, with some of the most fabulous skin care products coming from flowers. An example is jasmine wax. This handy wax has a variety of cosmetic uses. Best known as a fragrant thickener, jasmine wax is well-known by fashionistas and scientists alike for how it improves skin appearance.

What Is It?

Jasmine wax is a natural, highly-aromatic, flower-based wax. It is brownish in color and has a clay-like texture. To make it, manufacturers use solvents to take the color, fats and waxes out of jasmine blossoms. Then they remove the solvents and treat the remaining mixture, known as cement, to separate the liquids from the solids. The liquid part is known as "absolute." The solid part is the wax. Because each flower yields only a teeny bit of wax, manufacturers need a huge amount of jasmine flowers to get commercial amounts. Even so, if you scope out your local cosmetics store, you'll find this wax in everything from soaps to perfume.

Skin Softness

Jasmine wax is similar to any other wax used on the skin in that it is an excellent emollient. That means the wax gets kudos for sealing moisture into the skin and preventing dryness. Because your skin doesn't lose as much water, it can stay amazingly soft.

Irritation Relief

When the skin gets so dry that it starts to get inflamed and irritated, the fact jasmine wax holds moisture in the skin so well can help. It gives your skin a chance to heal and provides a thin but natural barrier against things that could make the irritation worse, such as chemicals in the household cleansers you use.

Line and Wrinkle Minimization

Jasmine wax works wonders for fine lines and wrinkles in the skin. The extra moisture it helps keep in your skin means your skin cells don't "turn over," or die, as fast and that they stay plump. The nutrients and vitamins in the wax also are thought to give your collagen and elastin production a boost -- these elements are what keep your skin smooth, toned and flexible. That means you stay young-looking and your skin appears more vibrant. In fact, manufacturers often infuse anti-aging creams with jasmine wax for this reason.


Similar to any plant-based product, jasmine wax isn't right for every lady. Manufacturers often add jasmine oil back into the wax to make it smell good, but some ladies find they can't handle the strength of the smell, especially if they're sensitive to scents in general. Always test products with jasmine wax on a small area of skin first to see if it's right for you. Even though jasmine wax is a good tool for softening and toning your skin, it's also important to give your pores a chance to "breathe" once in a while so your pores don't clog.

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