What Are the Benefits of a Hair Steamer?

Steaming helps your hair receive moisture so it stays silky.

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Moist water vapor penetrating your locks through the heat steamer translates directly into a mega moisture boost for your mane. Hair steamers work especially well for ladies with stressed hair, such as those who dye or relax locks and those transitioning from a relaxed look to natural hair. Purchase an at-home steam unit or hit up your salon for a steam treatment.


If your locks are dull or dry, steaming will help them appear shiny and smooth. The moisturizing effects of hair steaming alter the look of damaged hair. Whether you're starting with chemically damaged hair or untreated hair that's a little lackluster, you'll get a boost of healthy shine.


The mega moisturizing effects of hair steaming leave you with silky smooth hair that's totally touchable. Your hair will feel very soft, thanks to the steam's ability to help a deep conditioner penetrate the hair shaft. It's "bye-bye" to brittle locks or dry locks and "hello" to healthy hair. The steamer can even open up your scalp pores, promoting hair growth.

More Responsive

Steaming locks just before a dye job or chemical treatment, such as a relaxer, actually helps your hair follicles accept the treatment. The steaming opens up the hair follicle. When you apply the hair dye or relaxer, it can penetrate deeper into the hair shaft, settling deeper into the lock for a more lasting effect. The application process for your dye or relaxer remains the same. Deep conditioning during a pre-treatment hair steam helps keep your locks healthy after the treatment.

How to Use It

Read the directions on your hair steamer before use. Add water to the chamber and plug the steamer in to heat up. When it's ready, an indicator light will let you know. While you wait, prep your locks for steaming by applying a deep conditioning treatment, hot oil treatment or other hair aid. Coat your tresses with the product, then sit under the steamer. Give yourself at least 20 minutes so the moisturizing aids can penetrate and transform your locks.

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