What Are the Benefits of Blow-Drying Fine Hair?

Add volume to fine hair with a blowout.

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One thing all fine hair has in common is its tendency to frizz and become unruly. Have no fear! With the help of a blow dryer and a few select brushes, you can replicate a salon-quality blowout in your very own bathroom and leave your hair in luxurious, heavenly bliss. The blow dryer can also aid you in volumizing and straightening your mane.


Fine hair may leave you feeling as if your mane lacks volume, but a blow dryer can act like a magic wand and perform some volumizing tricks that make your hair look fuller. Add a bit of volumizing product to the crown of your hair and blow-dry with a paddle brush. Concentrate on getting the roots dry as you gently lift the hair up with the brush. As your hair becomes dry, use a round boar bristle brush to add more volume in the crown area.

Smooth Out

Flyaway hair and fine texture seem to go strand in strand. A blow dryer can help to smooth flyaway hair and frizz. By working through your hair section by section, you can tame that frizz into a state of smoothness. By using a paddle and boar bristle brush with the help of a blow dryer, you are assured that the proper amount of heat can be distributed through the hair to help it to smooth out.

Straightening Curls

For fine-haired ladies who may also have a bit of curly or wavy hair, a blow dryer can be your sidekick in straightening things out. By applying light pressure while working your brush through your hair, and blow-drying each section, the hair will be gently straightened. Using a blow dryer instead of a flatiron will apply less heat to the hair and can give the same effects without making your hair super-stick straight, as a flatiron can do.


Blow-drying hair can add shine and an overall polished look to your coiffure, giving you a sleek and stylish look. You don't have to go to a high-end establishment to replicate a salon-quality blowout. With a blow dryer, paddle brush, round boar bristle brush and a bit of smoothing serum, you can make your hair appear as though you just stepped out of a session with a celebrity coiffeur. No one has to know you just stepped out of your bathroom instead.

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