What Are the Benefits of Black Castor Oil for Relaxed African-American Hair?

Black castor oil is pure and raw. This is natural and so chemical free, which is good for relaxed hair.

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Black Castor oil is simply another name for pure unrefined castor oil. This nutrient-packed serum is an absolute Godsend for African-American hair that has undergone the stressful process of relaxing. Relaxers are known for their damaging side effects and while your hair may appear silky and smooth after relaxing, the damage done is not always immediately noticeable to the naked eye. Black castor oil can help to reverse some of that damage and get your hair to a place of restoration and health.

Castor Oil Moisturises

Castor oil is good source of moisture. Relaxers are made up of harmful chemicals that strip the hair of its natural sebum and force it into a position of brittle dryness. African-American hair needs moisture to thrive, and castor oil can work to put some essential moisture back into your hair. Black castor oil is pure natural nutrients and so it will really offer positive moisture. Many African-American haircare products are heavily water-based and only moisturize hair for a short while but do not nourish your roots and follicles. You can count on black castor oil to do exactly that.

Hair Growth

Where there is moisture and nourishment, quite naturally there is growth. When your hair is being moisturized and nourished with a natural substance such as black castor oil, it can begin to repair and strengthen itself. Relaxed hair does still grow; however, the ends break, creating the appearance of no growth. Castor oil will help the hairs to grow stronger and break less. This process, matched with nourishing the roots, will result in strong, healthy hair growth.


Black castor oil is thick and has the ability to form a protective shield around your hair. This is a good tactic to employ when using straighteners on your hair, as it will protect your hair from heat damage. In the same way, perms are designed to strip African-American hair of its natural shape, curl pattern and nutrients. Castor oil protects the hair by immediately replacing all of the lost goodness. After a perm, be sure to immediately moisturize your hair with some castor oil and watch it bounce back to life.

Castor Oil Thickens Hair

Relaxers are known for their silky smooth results. These results, however, are achieved by harsh chemicals actually breaking down and thinning your hair, which naturally has built-in strength and thickness. Each individual hair shaft is made up of smaller strands, and in the relaxing process, these strands are broken down, resulting in thinner hair shafts. Castor oil allows hair to repair itself and promotes restoration of hair shafts and growth. It also strengthens shafts that have already been weakened.

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