Beauty Tips for Fair Skinned Dirty Blondes With Hazel Eyes

Cate Blanchett sports a gold shirt that plays up her fair features at the Sydney Theatre Company's 2011 main stage launch.

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The tantalizing look of a fair-skinned dirty blonde with dazzling hazel eyes automatically attracts attention. Get even more by selecting hair, makeup and clothing that enhances your delicate coloring and elevates you to the coveted Bond girl status. Think of it as turning on a light switch to illuminate your beautiful features to nab that extra attention you crave.

Warm or Cool Tones

Gaze into those hazel eyes to determine the tone of your coloring. If you see brown or gold colors radiating from your pupil, you are a warm-toned beauty like Hilary Duff. Black or white colors around your pupils indicate you're a cool toned girl like Hayden Panettierre. Choose beauty products and clothing that complement your skin tone to rock your best looks.

Hair Color

Even dirty blondes crave a hair color change that still plays up their hazel eyes and fair skin. A strawberry blond shade looks stunning on warm-toned girls, as do soft caramel or medium beige blond. Go lighter to a light golden blond to achieve a more elusive look. Cool toned girls look fabulous in an ash violet blond or a darker medium blond or light ash brown shade. You're also the lucky girl who can turn heads as a platinum blonde.


Too much color on that fair-skinned face of yours could leave you looking like a clown. If you have warm tones, start with foundation and powder with yellow or gold undertones, and sweep a peach or coral blush on your cheeks. Add light brown eye shadow and creamy highlighter on your eyes with a line of blue or green eyeliner and brown mascara on your eyelashes. Finish with a peach or apricot lipstick shade. For cool tones, choose a pink or rose tone foundation and powder as your starting point, and add rose or plum blush and lipstick. Accentuate those hazel eyes with blue-gray or lavender eye shadow, blue or green eyeliner and a few sweeps of charcoal mascara.


Unfortunately, the little black dress just doesn't flatter your light coloring. But don't give away your prized LBDs yet. Instead, toss on a colorful scarf or sweater to tone down the blackness and bring out your natural coloring. Illuminate your warm-toned, fair skin and hazel-eyed beauty by selecting clothes in shades of peach, salmon, bright blue, periwinkle or bronze. When given a choice, always opt for gold jewelry that blends with the warmth of your fair skin. Cool toned ladies look sexy in lavender, gray blue, raspberry, blue reds, all shades of gray and pure white colors. Select silver jewelry for an extra sparkle against the icy tones in your skin.

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"Reinvent Yourself With Color Me Beautiful"; JoAnne Richmond; 2008

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