Bathing Suits for Women with Stretch Marks

Looking good doesn't have to be a stretch.

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Stretch marks got you down? Don't let them ruin your fun in the sun. Whether they're from weight gain, pregnancy, growth spurts or something else, stretch marks are a part of life. They start off deep purple and indented, then slowly fade, but rarely go away completely. It can be tricky to hide stretch marks, especially during swim season. Thankfully, many styles of suits let ladies hide their stretch marks without making fashion sacrifices.

One-Piece Suits

If your stretch marks are on your midsection, a one-piece bathing suit may be just what you need to hide them while at the beach or the pool. These suits come in many styles and do much more than hide skin flaws. One-piece suits give more structure than bikinis and some help hide extra weight and slim your figure. If you're afraid you'll look like a granny without a sexy two-piece, consider a one-piece that's a little more risque. A keyhole suit, with a cutout in the center, is perfect for a girl with stretch marks on her sides but a flawless stomach. The opposite of that suit is a monokini, with fabric that covers stretch marks on the tummy but bares your sides.

Boy Shorts

Lots of ladies have stretch marks on their hips -- a sad consequence of those sexy curves. If the stretch marks are high enough, you might be able to conceal them with a bathing suit that has a boy-short cut. Both one-piece and two-piece suits are available in this cut, where the bottom hem falls low on the hip. Don't let the name fool you, there's nothing manly about this cut.


Strech marks on the thighs can be the most tricky to cover with swimwear. Ladies with this issue should turn to skirted suits for a beach-worthy solution. These suits may have a bad rep, but they've come a long way since your grandma sported one. No longer full and frilly, these skirted suits now have a tighter fit, resembling a mini-skirt. They can be found on both one-piece suits and bikinis, so you'll be able to cover those bothersome thighs, and how much else you bare is up to you.

High Chest

Busty ladies may have a certain advantage when it comes to filling up thier swimwear, but sometimes that larger chest comes at a cost. Plunging necklines aren't quite as sexy when they reveal stretch marks on the chest. Ladies with this issue should shop for a bathing suit with a higher neckline. These cuts are available on one-piece suits, especially suits designed for competitive swimming, and may be found on tankinis as well.

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