Basket-Weave Black Braided Updo Hairstyles

Imagine this pattern as you style your hair.

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A regular basket-weave braid -- a cornrow with an S-curve -- is beautiful on its own. When you add several plaits and a traditional basket-weaving technique, you’ll look like Alicia Keys' stylist paid you a visit. Basket-weave braided updos are tricks, so call over the girls to lend a hand.

Braided Faux-Hawk

There’s no rule that says sisters can’t go punk. Show off your diversity and love for all things cultural by creating basket-weaved cornrows. To create this style, you’ll create each cornrow section a bit at a time — tedious work that’s worth the trouble. First, start making a thin cornrow as normal, but stop after it’s a half-inch long. Imagine that small cornrow is the left side of a box. Go to the imaginary top right corner of the box to begin the next cornrow. This second cornrow will form a T-shape with the first one you made. Now, go to the section of hair that’s to the right of the first cornrow you made, and begin to form a new cornrow. When you get to the second cornrow you made, make a couple of braids in the hair, lay it over the second plait and continue the cornrow so it’s twice as long as the first two you made. Continue creating cornrows in this manner until you reach the area of your head where you’d have a "faux-hawk." After you complete the braided cornrows, you can leave your hair natural or add box-style braids for a look that’s worthy of the Seattle scene.

Elegant Updo

For an elegant updo, basket-weave cornrows the same way you would for the faux-hawk. In this hairstyle, the cornrows go just past the crown of your head (think, Alicia Keys). Leave your hair natural or pull it back into a sleek high ponytail. If you really want a challenge and have time to kill, make micro-braids in the remaining hair and pin it into a French twist. Your hair will be ready for the red carpet.

Updo with Micro-Braids

If you have long micro-braids like a Caribbean diva, you can put them into a basket weave style that’s simple to take out at the end of the night or whenever you’re ready. First, channel your grade school memories of making weaved paper mats. You are going to use the same technique with your plaited tresses. Divide your hair into parallel sections that are equal in size, and secure the ends of your micro-braids in each section with a scrunchie. Grab the hair in the farthest left or right section and begin weaving it over and under the following sections of hair. Now you can add “hair artist” to your list of talents. When you get to the end of the length of hair you were weaving with, continue with the strands of plaits in the following section and continue weaving. Use elastic bands or hairpins to secure your hair in place and get ready to dazzle your friends with your 'do.

Updo for Straight Hair

A basket weave updo doesn’t have to be a long-term commitment. Gather your hair into a ponytail, but leave the hair along the sizes of your hair loose so you can make knots that lead to the elastic band. Set the sections of loose hair closest to your apart from the rest of your tresses with clips, because you’ll braid those later. Get a small section of hair from the loose locks at the front of your head, divide the hair into two smaller sections, and make a simple knot. Drape the one of the strands of the knot over your head and make another knot right underneath the one you just made. Continue this process until you reach the elastic band. Use a clip to secure the strands of hair you draped over your head. Braid the strands that are loose on the side of the head, including the hair you set apart earlier, into a French braid that goes toward the elastic band, but stop braiding just past the back of your ear. Repeat this process on the other side of your head. Now you will have two sets of strands of hair on either side of your head. Grab a strand from the front of your head (it doesn’t matter which side) and incorporate it into the French braid on the opposite side of your head to create the next part of the plait. Do the same on the opposite side of your head. Continue incorporating the strands of hair into the French braid in an alternating fashion until you reach the elastic band. Incorporate the braided and weaved hair into your ponytail using another elastic band.

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