How Do I Get My Bangs to Lie Flat?

Christina Ricci's got the styled bang look down pat.

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Bangs can be a hot, fun style, but managing them can be a pain. Sometimes that bang hair just wants to do its own thing. Whether you have a sexy side-swept fringe or straight-across bangs, if you're having trouble keeping your bangs from sticking up every which way, don't worry. There are easy styling techniques you can use to tame those bangs and look gorgeous.


Shampoo and condition your hair. To style your bangs and get the look you want, it's best to start with freshly washed tresses. You don't have to wash your whole head if you don't want; for a quick bang fix; just clean the bang hair.


Blow dry your hair using a paddle brush. Alternate with a round brush if you want a bit of body in your bangs. Make sure you're drying your hair in the direction you want it to lie. Always keep the blow dryer aimed downward on your hair; blowing air up on the hair is just going to make your bangs frizzy and out of control.


Heat a hair straightener. Some models can heat up to an electrifying 450 degrees Fahrenheit, but keep it on a lower setting to avoid frying your bangs, okay? -- and place the straightener over a section of your bang hair.


Move the straightener down the hair in the direction you want the bangs to lie. You may find it helpful to guide the straightener through the hair using your comb; this also helps ensure all the hair is completely straightened. Take another section and straighten it the same way. Go back over the hair a couple of times if you need to.


Spitz your bangs lightly with hair spray. This helps get rid of any frizz and holds your style so those bangs stay right where you want them. Just don't overdo it, because rock-hard bangs are never attractive.

Things You'll Need



3.Blow dryer

5.Hair straightener


4.Paddle brush

6.Hair spray


Tips & Tricks


A bit of hair pomade or wax can work in place of hair spray.


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