Awesome Ways To Wear Short Dreadlocks

Hair accessories make changing your style simple.

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The no-muss, no-fuss quality of dreadlocks and their trendy look make them a fab hairstyle. You don't have to work hard to style your hair. Still, you probably want to change up your look sometimes, and that's super-easy to do.

Cute Pigtails

Pull chunks of your short dreads into pigtails at the sides of your head. They'll look uber-cute sticking straight up or out. If you want to push the cute, sassy look even farther, tie ribbons around them. If you feel that's overkill, just wrap colorful hair ties around them. Layering a few colorful hair ties helps your locks stick up even more and makes your 'do super-funky.

Spiky Twisted Dreads

The twisted, spiky look gives you a funky style that's also neat and low-key enough for the workplace. Use a strong gel to help your dreads hold their shape as you work them upward and into twisted shapes. This awesome 'do is almost guaranteed to become a staple look in your style wardrobe.


Grab a colorful, silky scarf to wrap around your dreads. If the scarf is really wide, fold it a few times. Then place it against your head, with the edge at the top of your forehead where your hairline begins, and tie it in the back. For a playful style, tie it into a bow on the top of your head instead.

Curled Dreads

Adding spiral curl to your dreadlocks makes them ultra-glam. Because your short dreads are less heavy than long dreads, they'll hold a curl way better, as long as you have enough hair to curl. Try curling your locks around a small barrel curling iron one at a time, then pinning them to your head in the coiled shape to help them retain the curl. Release them when they're totally cool. Alternatively, wrap your strands around perm rods while wet, then dry them, making sure they're completely dry before you release them. You can also wrap them in sponge rollers and sleep on them.

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