How to Avoid Frizz After Washing African-American Hair

Keep natural hair frizz-free for fab curls you control.

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After a shower, African-American hair can be stripped of natural oils that help weigh it down if it's not re-moisturized. The result: Frizzed-up, out of control hair that will drive you up the wall. You can clean your mane and enjoy frizz-free hair, but it takes some planning. Frizz is more common in natural African-American hair than in braids, dreads or relaxed tresses. Incorporating a weekly hot oil or deep-conditioning treatment boosts moisture and keeps frizz at bay.


Condition your hair post-shampoo. Not only does conditioner nourish your mane, but it also helps check frizz since the moisture weighs down locks.


Rinse out the conditioner with cool water, then hop out of the shower.


Towel dry your locks. Spray leave-in conditioner into your hair and allow it to dry naturally or blow dry it with the dryer on low heat.


Coat your tresses with a natural oil to weigh your mane down further. Oils to look for include grape seed, coconut, avocado or jojoba; use them alone or combine them. Oil your mane only after it's dry; if you oil it while wet and then style your mane, you'll encounter frizzies.


Style your hair post-oil. To keep it from frizzing up, avoid styling products with alcohol or water. These substances both cause frizzage.

Things You'll Need



3.Blow dryer (optional)

2.Leave-in conditioner

4.Natural oil


Tips & Tricks


Keep a small spray bottle of leave-in conditioner in your purse. If your hair gets frizzy later in the day from the humidity or high water content in the air, spritz your locks again to keep them down.


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