How to Attach a Shoulder Strap to a Purse

Jazz up your purse with a smart shoulder strap.

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Accessories need to be adaptable, and handbags are no exception. A great-looking handbag can add a finishing touch to your look or spruce up a lackluster outfit, but a bag must be functional as well as fashionable. If you've got a purse problem or can't stand carrying a clutch, consider crafting a solution. Any glam girl can replace a broken strap on a favorite bag or turn a cumbersome style to comfortable in just a few steps.


Check out the metal hardware on your stylish shoulder strap, which should be attached to loops at each end of the strap. Normally, a shoulder strap will have buckles, clasps or rings. Not seeing any hardware on the strap? You'll have to get crafty and attach some yourself. Otherwise skip to Step 3.


Choose a hot hardware style for your purse. Slide one end of the strap through the middle of a piece of hardware and then loop the strap back on itself. Pin the strap to itself and sew straight across it to finish the loop. Do the same to the other end of the strap using another piece of hardware.


Take a good gander at your purse. If you're doing a repair on a purse with a damaged strap, get rid of that old strap. Pick open the stitching at the loops using a seam ripper and attach the new strap to the purse using the instructions in Step 2. If you're converting a clutch, you'll need to make your own loops.


Pick out a sturdy but fashionably fun fabric that matches your purse. Cut 4 squares that are 1 1/2 inches long and wide. Pair them off.


Sandwich each of the fabric pairs and sew them together on three sides 1/4 inch away from the edges. Turn each pair right side out through the open side. Turn the raw edges of the open side 1/4 inch to the inside and then sew across that edge. These pieces will become your loops.


Loop each piece of fabric around the hardware on the straps and pin the fabric to itself. Sew the loops closed.


Pin the edge of each loop to each side of your purse. Sew the loops to the outside of the purse by hand if the style of your purse makes machine sewing impossible. Clip any loose threads and prepare to pair that handbag with your hottest outfits.

Things You'll Need


1.Shoulder strap







6.Home sewing machine

8.Seam ripper

10.Measuring tape


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