How to Attach Feathers to Hair Clips

Give your hair clips a makeover -- with colorful feathers.

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Toss aside those boring barrettes and worn-out hair scrunchies. Bring back the chic 1920s flapper girl mystique by pinning a feather-laden hair clip into your tresses. Grab your girlfriends and flex your creative muscles with this craft project that takes less than an hour to complete -- including time for a bit of gossip. Whether you go natural and choose shades of brown, gold and taupe or dance on the wild side with feathers dyed hot pink and electric blue, attaching feathers to your boring old hair clips gives your hair wardrobe a much needed boost of creativity.


Trim a square of duck cloth or denim into the shape you want for your feather hair clip. Try an oval, circle, teardrop or go wild with a retro-looking star. For an adult-sized accent clip, start with fabric measuring approximately two inches in diameter. For a larger hair piece that covers half your head -- think sexy, vintage flapper girl -- cut the fabric larger, up to five inches in diameter.


Arrange the feathers on the hair piece. Start with the top of the hair piece, laying the feathers in a row from left to right. Start with the largest feathers. Allow the first row of feathers to overlap the fabric backing by at least an inch. Use smaller feathers for subsequent rows. Make the additional rows of feathers partially overlap the preceding row -- to hide the quill part of the feather. Sit back and eye the pattern -- if you like it, grab the glue gun.


Deconstruct the feather pattern and start over, this time adding a drop of hot glue to the quill of each feather as you add it to the fabric. Give each feather a gentle press into the fabric so it stays in place. You don't want to look like a molting chicken while wearing your new hair clip! Work through each row until the fabric is covered with feathers. The last row will have the quills exposed. Draw one last thin line of glue over the quills and attach tiny, fluffy feathers to cover the quills.


Embellish the feathered hair clip. Personalize your hair piece and make it match other accessories. Glue on tiny faux pearls to match a necklace or glittery faux rhinestones to match your earrings. Adding a simple strip of ribbon also gives the hair accessory a finished look. Let the clip dry for at least 10 minutes while you grab a snack or Tweet about your crafting party.


Add the hair clip once the glue has dried. Turn the feather hair piece over and open the hair clip. Dab a line of hot glue onto the top of the hair clip, then press it into the fabric. Allow the clip to stay open, so it doesn't accidentally get glued shut. Let the glue dry for at least 10 minutes. Once dry, pull back some of your hair, clip in your creation and show it off, girl!

Things You'll Need



3.Duck cloth or denim

5.Hot glue sticks



11.Cloth headband

2.Ruler or measuring tape

4.Hot glue gun


8.Faux rhinestones

10.Faux pearls

12.Fabric glue


Tips & Tricks


If hair clips irritate your scalp, JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores recommends attaching the feather panel to a soft headband with fabric glue.


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