How to Arch an Eyebrow With Makeup

Makeup can accentuate your tweezing efforts.

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Shiny lips, confetti nails or dramatic eye shadow colors: You think about a lot of trends when it comes to makeup, but defining your eyebrows probably isn’t the first. Think about Brooke Shields -- her eyebrows made lots of women put down the tweezers. Since today’s eyebrow-makeup look focuses on creating a high arch, you’ll need more than your tweezers to get you there. Break out the eyebrow powder or pencil because it’s time to define.

Choose the Product for You

Are you a powder or pencil girl? There are two main options for enhancing your brows that add color to them for shaping: brow powder or an eyebrow pencil. Eyebrow pencils are just like using eyeliners -- except please don’t draw a line on your eyebrow. They are easy to use but can sometimes have a hard time looking natural. You use eyebrow powder a lot like you use eyeshadow on your eyelids. This is good if you have lighter-colored eyebrow hair because pencils can have the tendency to look greasy or plastic-like if you aren’t careful. You can use both, but that’s a lot of stuff to put on your eyebrows. Choose whatever works best for you and your makeup-application skills.

Picking a Color

You have a reason for relying on your stylist to color your hair: Color-matching hair is tricky, and your eyebrows are no exception. If you have pale blond hair, you can use an eyebrow pencil or shadow that’s about one to two shades darker than your eyebrow color. For all other eyebrow hair colors, try to match your makeup as closely as possible to your eyebrow hair. Don’t be afraid to ask for samples or advice -- the last thing you want are too-dark brows that make you look freakish.

Ready to Apply

The right products are essential to arching your brows, but knowing how to use them is pretty necessary too. Brush or push your eyebrows upward so that they look a little bushy -- this will help you better see where you need to draw. Starting at the inner portion of your eyebrow, use short, gentle strokes to fill in your eyebrow. When you get to your arch, start to draw on the top of your natural arch. It’s okay to use a heavier hand here because this is the part you want to define. A few extra strokes will make your arch stand out. As you continue to fill your eyebrows in, don’t extend them beyond 1/4 inch from where your eyebrow stops because that won’t look natural.

Finishing Touches

Applying a pearlescent white or taupe shadow underneath your arch can help to further the illusion you have lifted brows. If unruliness tends to plague you, and your eyebrows are all over the place after a few hours, swipe on a little eyebrow gel -- it’s like mascara for your eyebrows -- to set them in place. If you sweep the area where your eyebrows arch upward, it can boost the effect.

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