How to Apply Yogurt to the Skin

Yogurt is good for more than just your digestive tract.

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Yogurt is a cheap, all-natural way to transform your skin from crocodile-crusty into baby's-butt smooth. You want skin that begs to be touched and skin that screams out to be kissed. So grab a carton of yogurt and smooth your way to sexy perfection!


Dab plain yogurt on zits or cysts to reduce redness and inflammation. Dive into the culture-filled goodness with a clean cotton swab; sweep it over the mountains on your face to transform them into mole hills. Let the yogurt dry before wiping the crusty mess off with a clean, damp rag.


Plop a container of plain yogurt, one tablespoon of honey and one teaspoon of lemon juice to a bowl; get your stir on. Lather your filthy face with plain cleanser and smear the yogurt mixture over your clean skin. Dance around the house for five minutes to sneak in an extra butt-boosting workout while the mask dries before rinsing with cool water. This zesty mixture draws out and kills zit-causing bacteria while bringing back the smooth, sexy skin you know and love.


Lift away unflattering dark spots with the power of citrus. Stir together a carton of yogurt and one tablespoon of fresh orange juice; dab the mixture on dark discoloration or unsightly freckles. Grab a magazine and catch up on the latest celeb gossip for 15 minutes while the mask dries to a crispy crust; wipe it with a cool rag. This magic mask lightens skin and leaves your skin even, supple and glowing.


Harness the power of bananas to get rid of ghastly witch-hands. Take out your frustrations on a ripe banana, smashing it to a smooth paste. Mix in a carton of yogurt, stirring vigorously to work off arm flab. Dip your dry talons in the paste and cover with a pair of rubber gloves, leaving the mixture on for 30 minutes before washing. Sure, you may look like a reject from nursing school and smell like a monkey's dessert. Yet, in a half-hour, your hands will be soft, silky and ready to tackle the world.

Things You'll Need


1.Plain yogurt

3.Measuring spoon

5.Small bowl

7.Baking soda

9.Soft rag

11.Ripe banana

2.Cotton swabs


6.Lemon juice

8.Orange juice


12.Rubber gloves


Tips & Tricks


Buy pure, unsweetened, plain yogurt to bring the sexy back. The label should indicate that the yogurt has "live cultures."

Don't leave leftover yogurt cleanser on the counter. It will keep for two or three days in the refrigerator, but it will transform into a lumpy, stinky mess if left out for more than an hour.


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