How to Apply Multiple Colors of Eye Shadow

Several colors of eye shadow, from the lid to the brow bone, accentuate the eyes.

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It is said that the eyes are the window to the soul and the first thing people notice on your face. So you want them to reveal the real you -- in color -- of course. Many makeup companies feature multiple eye shadow colors in a palette. If your hands start to sweat at the mere thought of applying multiple colors of eye shadow, having the 411 might help soothe your anxiety.

Applying Multiple Colors


Choose the shadows you want to apply and lay them out. Chose a light and medium tone of the same color, as well as a complementary shade for a pop of color. A fourth, lighter shade should be used for the highlighter.


Apply eye shadow primer, which helps prevent the eye shadow from creasing, smearing and rubbing off. Apply the primer in a thin coat with a concealer brush from the lash line to the area just above the crease. Allow it to dry before proceeding.


Load a flat makeup brush with the most neutral or lightest shade of the shadow to be used. With a firm hand, dab the color on the eyelid from the inner corner to the middle of the iris of the eye. Pressing the makeup onto the lid instead of brushing it on will push the shadow into the skin and prevent the color from falling to the skin beneath the eye.


Use the same brush and process for the medium color, but apply this color to the outer corner of the eyelid.


Blend the darker color into the lighter color with an eye shadow brush, using the motion of a windshield wiper.


Apply the color pop with a shader brush. Put this color directly at the center where the first two eye shadows meet. Used the blending brush to smooth the colors together.


Apply a thin strip of highlighter with a fine highlighter brush just under the brow. The color of a highlighter should be just slightly lighter than the skin tone it is being applied to. After applying the highlighter, blend it down toward the crease of the eye, creating a smooth flawless finish.

Things You'll Need


1.Eye shadow primer

2.Eye shadow brushes


Tips & Tricks


Avoid bright shadows on larger eyes. This will keep from over emphasizing the size of the eye.

Using light eye shadow colors brings out deep-set eyes.

Good-quality brushes can make a big difference in applying eye shadow. The best brushes are made of animal hair such as sable or goat. If you prefer to use animal-free brushes, good-quality synthetic brushes make of taklon are available. Look for brushes that have fine hair but are full bristled.

Do not apply shimmery makeup to a wrinkled eyelid. It will collect in the creases and exaggerate the wrinkles.

Do not apply more than three or four makeup colors. Too many different colors can be distracting.


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