How to Apply Makeup for Dark Skin

Apply makeup that complements your beautiful dark skin.

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Whenever you page through beauty magazines or watch commercials for the latest makeup products, they're populated with fair-skinned models. It can be hard to figure out what makeup to wear when your dark skin isn't represented in the media. Rather than apply makeup the way fair-skinned people would, apply makeup to enhance your dark skin. With the right application, your dark skin will look luminescent and beautiful, drawing all eyes in the room.


Spread foundation over your face. When picking out foundation for your dark skin, test out the color on your jaw. If you swipe a dark shade across your jaw and it blends in with the color of the untouched skin on your neck and chest, you've found the right shade. According to "Fitness" magazine, liquid and cream foundation work best for dark skin since they won't leave a chalky finish.


Apply sheer blush to the apples of your cheeks. Sheer blush is best because your beautiful dark skin will show through the color, creating a subtle flush on your cheeks. Try shades of peach and coral for best results.


Dust eye shadow over your eyelid with an eye shadow brush. For a neutral eye shadow look, avoid light colors and stick with dark brown, tan and bronze to complement your darker skin. Blend the darkest color into your crease to create a smoky eye look. If you want more color, use highly pigmented colorful eye shadow. Sheer eye shadow won't show up well on your dark skin.


Swipe eye liner across your top lid. For a bold look, line all the way around your eye. Since you have a dark complexion, choose a dark liner of brown or black. Lighter shades won't do your beautiful eyes any justice.


Sweep black or dark brown mascara over your top and bottom eyelashes -- the darker the better. Choose waterproof mascara if you are going to be out in the hot sun and don't want your mascara to melt down around your eyes.


Tint your lips with sheer lip gloss. Gloss in pinks and corals will add color to your lips while your dark skin still shows through. If you want opaque lip color, use a highly pigmented lipstick. Choose a darker shade of crimson, burgundy or mahogany for dramatic color that goes well with your skin.

Things You'll Need


1.Liquid or cream foundation

3.Dark eye shadow

5.Dark eyeliner

7.Lip gloss or lipstick

2.Sheer blush

4.Eye shadow brush



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