How to Apply L'Oreal Kohl Eyeliner

Kohl eyeliner creates a slightly smudged, smoky  look.

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Different than those traditional pencil or liquid liners you're used to, L'Oreal Paris Professional Kohl Eyeliner has a loose, powder-like consistency. While actual kohl liners can contain lead and are a health concern, L'Oreal liners are safe. (No worries here; kohl describes the color, not the ingredients.) If you're trying it out for the first time, consider that even the most experienced makeup maven could use a few pointers. The powder can be messy, and while the smoky eye look is sexy, raccoon eyes are anything but.


Start with a clean slate -- skin should be clean and dry. Avoid using heavy eye cream, as this could cause your liner to smudge. You may wish to use a primer or tap a bit of loose powder on your lids to help things stay put.


Go ahead and put on your eye shadow as usual. If you're new at this, you may want to hold off on applying your foundation until after you've lined your eyes. Because of its loose, powdery texture, it can fall onto your cheeks until you get the hang of it. Any mess will have to be wiped away, and if you've got on foundation you'll have to start over.


You may wish to set the container on a paper towel or tissue before taking off the lid -- less mess to clean up is always a good thing. The brush is attached to the lid -- carefully tap it against the top of the vial so that any excess product falls back into the container. (The opening is small -- you'll appreciate the tissue during this part.)


Grasp the brush in one hand. Arch your eyebrows and look downward -- this will give you full access to your top lid, without your lashes in the way. Place the brush at the inner corner of your eye, just above the top lash line. In one smooth motion, bring it across your upper lash line. Repeat for your other eye.


Want a smoky eye? For this dramatic look, add more powder. Dip the brush in the powder again. Tap off the excess, then close your eye and arch your brows up. Place the brush at the center of your upper lash line, then move outward. Extend just a bit past your natural lash line. Repeat for both eyes.


Lining the bottom -- it's up to you. If you're going for a really dramatic look, you can apply liner below your bottom lash line. It can get messy, so be advised. Look up, and place the brush at the outside corner of your bottom lash line -- just below your lashes. Bring the brush across to the inside corner. Clean up any smudges with a cotton swab.


Clean up the excess powder if necessary. You should be able to wipe it away with a tissue -- if not, grab some makeup remover and a cotton pad. Apply your mascara, and your gorgeous eyes are good to go!

Things You'll Need


1.Powder or primer

3.Makeup remover




Tips & Tricks


Many women like to use Kohl liner to perform a technique called waterlining or tightlining. The liner is swept across the inside rim of your eye, on both the bottom and top. This technique is not recommended -- it can seriously irritate your eyes and even damage contact lenses. For safety's safe, use liners on your outside lash line only.


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