How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner to Close-Set Eyes

Jazz up those dull lids with some liquid eyeliner.

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Close-set eyes and liquid eyeliner? Piece of cake, girl. With a steady hand and absolutely fearless nerves, you can get a look that emphasizes your eyes and creates a bit of distance between them. Don't try this while driving, no matter how late you are for a date. Liquid eyeliner, like so many beauty regimens, is an art. You can't rush it, not even if you're trying to catch an episode of Gossip Girl or mix a smoothie before leaving the house.


Liquid eyeliner isn't an island -- it can't exist by itself. You don't want to apply it without a base to keep it on your face. If you do, you'll end up with dark streaks of color on your skin. So use a little eye shadow on your eyelids to create a healthy base. For close-set eyes, start with a darker color on the outside of your eyelid. Use a medium tone in the middle. End with a light color to highlight the corner of your eye, near your nose.


Press the liquid eyeliner against the center of your eyelid, as close to the lash line as you can get it. Draw a short, thin line from the center to the outer edge of your eye. Follow the natural curve of your eye -- you don't want to change the actual shape of your eyes.


Press the eyeliner in the middle of your lid again -- you can't line half your eye without looking a hot mess. Draw the brush to the outer edge of your eye. Keep that line super thin, like a sample size for a fashion model.


Press the eyeliner back to the center. Slowly build on the first area you created. You want to have more color -- a thicker line -- at the edge of the eye. Don't try to create a thick line all at once. It's better to go slowly and build on it. You can always add more, but liquid eyeliner can be hard to remove.


Curl and mascara your lashes only after your liquid liner has dried. A stray swipe of a brush or curler can ruin the entire effect you're shooting for. Wait a few minutes and do something, like get an icy glass of water with lime, and then finish your look.

Things You'll Need


1.Liquid eyeliner

2.Eye shadow


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