How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner to Almond-Shaped Eyes

Liquid eyeliner demands a clean line to look neat, not messy.

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Almond eyes are symmetric with an upward tint at the edge; they're the most common eye shape and a classic shape. Liquid eyeliner gives almond eyes a dramatic, dark look and can be combined with glittery shadow for a hot smoky eye look. Use eyeliner to accentuate the size of your eyes or make them appear more round. Liquid eyeliner can seem more daunting than the pencil, but practice makes perfect! Try your look at home before you take those sultry almond eyes out on the town.


Prep your face for the eye makeup. Rub an oil-free makeup remover over your face with a cotton ball. Follow with a base layer of foundation, and then sweep translucent powder across your lids. Make sure you've got a mirror, since liquid eyeliner is one thing you can't do without looking.


Hold the liquid pencil in your dominant hand and rest your palm on your cheek to help you keep your hand straight. A shaky hand will ruin liquid eyeliner.


Run a thin layer of eyeliner along your bottom lid. Work in short strokes; don't try to get one long one. Marie Claire advises you resist the temptation to pull your eyelid to the side when applying eyeliner, since you're likely to create an uneven or distorted line.


Apply eyeliner along the top eyelid, running from the inner crease to the outer edge. If you want to create a rounded look for your almond eyes, stop before the outer edge to give the illusion of a round eye shape.


Go over the line again with your liquid pencil, making it thicker. For a balanced eye look, the liner on the upper lid should be three times as thick as the bottom lid liner, suggests Marie Claire.


Step back and check your eye. Make sure your edges are smooth and the shade is as thick as you want, then work the other eye in the same way.

Things You'll Need


1.Oil-free makeup remover



2.Cotton ball

4.Translucent powder

6.Liquid eye liner


Tips & Tricks


Finding a liquid eyeliner with the right brush is essential to pulling off this look. Look for an eyeliner with a sleek, pointed brush tip.

Liquid eyeliner can be unforgiving if not applied properly. Fortunately, you can easily fix an eyeliner mishap with a Q-tip and water.


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