How Do I Apply 4 Shades of Eyeshadow to Almond-Shaped Eyes?

Smoky Cat Eye Shadow is the perfect look for almond eyes.

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Having almond-shaped eyes is great. True almond-shaped eyes are considered perfectly proportioned, so you are free to wear just about any type and style of makeup. Whether you choose to go with cat eyes, smoky eyes or a dramatic look, any of these will look flawless on your almond-shaped peepers. Smoky cat eyes require four different eye shadows to get that perfect look. Here are four easy steps to get the look.


Grab a flat brush (try MAC's brush 252). Dab a small amount of MAC Blacktrack Fluidline and apply as your base on the inner portion of your lid. Make sure that you sweep the brush throughout, covering most of your eyelid. Do the same for your other eye.


Grab a new blending brush (I like MAC brush 217). With a smudge of MAC Carbon eye shadow, brush in the similar fashion as you did on the base. Gently brush the eye shadow all over your eyelid following the base lines. Feel free to go over the edge and the eye line. You can later correct the flaws by smoothing over the brush on the edges in a dabbing fashion.


To highlight the brow, grab a new brush. (Smaller brushes will work great for this; try MAC 242s.) With a small amount of MAC Dazzle Light eye shadow, brush and apply directly underneath your brow onto your brow bone. To get a natural brow highlight effect, brush directly underneath the outer corner of your eyebrows.


Grab a new blending brush, and dab a small amount of MAC Malt eye shadow. Gently sweep the brush between your dark shadow and highlighter color to help soften the harsh edge of black.


Using the brush you used from Step 2, hold the brush horizontally against your lid and brush MAC Silver Ring eye shadow upward and outward to create a silver-like area that creates a gradient of black highlight. For a more dramatic look, add gentle dabs of the black shadow to your lower lid. Try to get as close to the bottom lash line as possible and connect the black affect to your outer eye. Lastly, apply black eyeliner and two coats of mascara.

Things You'll Need


1.MAC Blacktrack Fluidline

3.MAC Dazzle Light

5.MAC Silver Ring

2.MAC Carbon

4.MAC Malt


Tips & Tricks


Curl lashes. To complete the look, minimize focus on cheeks and lips by using a soft peachy blush like powder and a deeper contouring bronzer to dramatize features. Lips should be left neutral with a slight hint of pink.


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