The Best Anti-Wrinkle Skin Cream

You can fight the signs of aging and maintain a youthful glow.

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You've reached that point in life when birthdays are less celebration and more reminder. They remind you that it's time to do something about the impending doom that is trying to take over your face. Wrinkles are like the Darth Vader of time. You, young Jedi, can do something about it. You can help renew cells and boost collagen. You have the power. All you need is the right wrinkle cream. Cue the music.

The Collagen Clone

Once upon a time on a face far, far away, there was collagen. This collagen kept skin firm, helped it maintain moisture and helped stimulate new skin growth. The collagen helped that face stay smooth and supple. Then came the evil free-radicals. They formed a coalition with time and aging to attack collagen and wear it down. It seemed as if there was no hope for collagen. The free radicals had taken control.

Coalition Is Formed

Collagen had to be restored. The only way it could fight off the fine lines and wrinkles that free radicals were leaving on the face was to get some help. It reached out to anti-oxidants. They had had much success in fighting free radicals. It reached out to to peptides. Peptides had always been a friend to collagen. Its secret weapon of vitamin B3 had helped collagen grow strong and eliminate fine lines. The coalition was born.

Jedi Regenerist Saves the Day

The coalition knew it had to work together to win the battle but wasn't sure how. They knew there was one Jedi who would help them win. They sent an urgent message to Oil Of Olay. They knew Olay was their only hope. Olay sent its greatest Jedi, Regenerist. Regenerist went into battle with its Micro Sculpting Cream. With the endorsement of wise sages such as Allure, the coalition knew there was hope.

The Force and Micro Sculpting

Micro Sculpting Regenrist Cream was great with the force. It was rich in amino peptides. They helped the collagen fill in the fine lines. Its vitamin E helped repair the damage from the battle and eliminate dark areas. The allantoin helped soothe the redness and inflammation of weary skin. The regenerist formula helped skin renew and hold moisture. Gone were the sags who had tried to pull down its cheeks. Gone were the dark spots and discoloration. Gone was the dullness. The skin lived on, wrinkle free, firm and illuminated.

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