The Best Anti-Breakage Shampoos

Say hello to strong and resilient locks.

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When you're styling your hair, not many things can be more frustrating than breakage. Weak and brittle hair not only looks dull and lifeless but also is a sign that your hair is not in optimal health. If excessive breakage and split ends are the name of the game for your tresses, it might be time to invest in an anti-breakage shampoo formulated specifically to accommodate your individual hair needs and wants.


The key to no more breakage is strong hair. Accomplish this by regularly washing your strands with a strengthening shampoo. If you're looking for a reliable option, look for a ceramide-based shampoo that will fortify fraying while making hair tougher against the constant stresses of combing, styling and environmental factors. Make sure the shampoo consists of nourishing and deeply moisturizing ingredients like glycerin and royal jelly extract, as well.


When it comes to breakage-prone, frail hair, dullness is a big issue. If you're sick of looking in the mirror only to see blah locks, opt for a shine-promoting, daily use shampoo that mildly cleanses while stopping breakage before it even gets the chance to occur. Increase your hair's natural glossiness and beauty with fortifying ingredients and B vitamins (think vitamin B6 and vitamin B3).


If you want to steer clear of shampoos that may consist of harsh and drying chemicals (such as sodium lauryl sulfate, for example), the natural approach may be the best solution for you. Mend your fraying, weak and brittle tresses with an organic shampoo that promotes strength and shine using a combination of soy proteins and sugar beet extracts. If you want to make your hair easier to brush and style, look for hydrating components such as lemon and orange essential oils.


Although it may be a lot of fun to update your look with a new hair color, color treatments can actually be very hard on your hair, often leading to excessive split ends and breakage. Get some control over this problem by washing your hair with a strengthening shampoo intended specifically for color-processed locks. Encourage bounce, volume and radiant health by shampooing with a product that uses wheat and soy proteins to kick processed breakage to the curb -- for good.

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