Angled Bob Hairstyles for Fine Hair

Angled bobs look sleek and sophisticated.

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Trendy beauties can't go wrong with an angled bob hairstyle. This type of cut is most spectacular on ladies with fine hair. It not only keeps fine hair healthy -- it works with the natural lines fine hair usually creates, too. You can keep the cut anywhere between shoulder and chin length, so there's lots of options for exactly how the cut can work for you.


The classic bob has been worn in one version or another for centuries -- in fact, even divas from ancient eras sported them, with Cleopatra, one of the most well-known rulers of all of Egypt, being among the most famous. In the early 1900s, women started experimenting with the idea that a lack of length didn't necessarily mean giving up being womanly. During World War I and II, when ladies saw men shipped off for combat, bobbed cuts became a staple because women had to fill in at factories and other businesses. The bob was both practical and chic. Over the rest of the 20th century, stylists like larger-than-life Vidal Sassoon decided bobs didn't have to be straight or all one length, and angled bobs were born.

Why Fine Hair and Angled Bobs Are in Love

Fine hair has a horrible tendency to tangle and break when it gets long. A short, angled bob keeps fine hair at a length where this doesn't happen as much. With less tangling and breakage, your hair looks fuller. Additionally, even though waves aren't all that uncommon in fine hair, fine hair usually is on the straighter side. It has an amazing vertical line to it you shouldn't waste. By using an angle in the bob, you can create some interest while complementing this line. This interest helps distract a little from the fact your fine hair doesn't have as much width to it. Lastly, in terms of fashion, straight locks can be pretty -- well, square. Angles are way edgier for a contemporary cut.

The Degree of Angle

Stylists don't have rules when it comes to how much they layer your fine hair in a bob. They'll cut your locks however you want, although they'll give you pointers on what might look best. The degree of the angle really depends on what you're comfortable with. The more dramatically you angle the bob, the more dramatic the cut looks. If you want a subtler appearance, go for something that slopes a little less.


Angling your haircut means your hair takes on a completely different shape. A symmetric cut that is the same length and shape on both sides is better for gals who don't want a cut that's so "out there." If you want to go bold, an asymmetric cut can work. These cuts usually are longer on one side than the other. The benefit of these cuts is that the asymmetry actually can balance your features out if they need a little perk to reach "perfect."

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