Alternatives to Curling Irons

Ditch the curling iron but not the curls.

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If you thought a curling iron was your only option for a head full of waves or curls, get ready for more styling options. Although the curls with a curling iron are fast and easy, there are alternatives to curling irons that can fill your head with a bounty of bodacious body.

Flat Iron

Think outside the box. Flat irons are useful for more than just straightening. Heat up your flat iron and separate a 1-inch section of hair. Hold the section straight out from your scalp and comb it smooth. Position the flat iron onto the section, snugging it close to your scalp, and clamp it onto your hair. Start rotating the flat iron with the hair clamped in it until you've rotated it about one-half turn. Now squeeze the flat iron firmly and move it oh-so-slowly down the section of hair until you reach the ends. Let go and voila, you've got a perfect corkscrew curl. Keep going through your whole head, but remember to mix up the direction you rotate the flat iron to make sure your curls look random.

Hot Rollers

These bad girls are the tool for a head of big curls. Add styling product to give your hair texture and control and blow it out in standard fashion. While you're blowing, plug in the hot rollers so they're ready to go. Start separating 2-inch sections of hair and roll your hair onto the hot rollers, making it tight and neat. Leave the rollers in until they cool completely, then unwind carefully. Spritz your curls lightly with hair spray to set them, finger-comb gently and you're good to go.

Cool Rollers

If you've got the time, setting your hair with cool rollers can create curls that last. Bendy rollers or sponge rollers can make big-time curls in your mane. You don't have to start with wet or damp hair. In fact your hair will dry more quickly if you just spritz every section lightly with styling spray as you roll. Separate a section, spritz it lightly, comb it smooth and then roll it up. Leave the rollers on your head until your hair dries completely. Take out the rollers, shake out your curls and hit the door.

Blow Dryer

A blow dryer and a vented round brush can be all you need to create big, round curls. Be generous with the volumizing or styling spray on your wet head. After working it through well, grab the blow dryer. Do a rough dry, just messing your hair gently while blowing it out. Keep going this way until your hair is about half dry. Then grab the brush and start pulling sections of hair out taut from your head. Wind the hair tightly around the brush and direct the heat of the blow dryer over the brush. Keep going like this to fill your head with major curls. Arrange them gently, spritz on the hair spray and you're set.

Hot Air Brush

If you like the loose curls you get from a blow dryer and round brush, try simplifying the process with a hot air brush. Instead of wielding two tools on your head, the round brush produces its own heat to dry your hair into bouncy curls. Use the same technique of rolling your hair around the bristles of the brush and the heat of the brush will dry and curl your hair.

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