Alternative to a Sports Bra

A built-in bra top can be an alternative to a sports bra.

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As the owner of your breasts, you get to decide what bras to put them in. If you don’t love sports bras because they fit too tightly and restrict your movement, there are other options when you are engaging in athletic activity or just want a comfortable bra that can take you through the day.

Built-In Bra Tops

Many athletic wear manufacturers combine the sports bra and tank top into one by making workout tops that have a built-in bra. This typically means the top is lined with an extra layer of fabric that has an elastic band around it. This elastic band can cup your breasts to provide support and minimize bouncing. Since many exercise tops are super-tight anyway, this added fabric layer means you can you ditch the sports bra.

Seamless, Molded Bra

Seamless, molded bras are relatively new to the shapewear game because they are made using high-tech techniques that mean you don’t have to wear an underwire or have seams that rub against your breasts. Because these bra types are often made of lightweight materials, they can feel weightless while you exercise and they shouldn’t irritate your breast tissue since they don’t have the seams. Since they are molded (retain their shape when your breasts aren’t in them), this means the molded bra has to fit your shape comfortably from the moment you put it on.

Racerback Bra

While a racerback bra may have a similar shape as a sports bra, the bra style tends to be less restrictive than a sports bra. A racerback bra has bra straps that go in toward your chest. The back portions of the bra’s straps are held together by a closure that pulls the bra straps inward -- and lifts your breasts, which isn’t a bad side effect. Racerback bras often close in the front instead of the back, so make sure you have a bra with a clasp that works really wall -- otherwise, you can have a regrettable wardrobe malfunction.

Full-Cup Bra

If you need the support of a sports bra without wearing a sports bra, a full-cup bra can be a good option. A full-cup bra is designed to cover your entire breast -- but don’t think that means it’s not sexy. Full-cup bras can be made from super-stretchy fibers, colorful prints or with lacy detailing. Since they are supportive and offer full coverage, full-cup bras can take you through a workout session.

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