How to Alter a T-Shirt to a V-Neck


Few things in life are as comfy as your favorite tee. Whether you got it at a concert or kept it from an ex, when it's worn in to perfection you love it all the more. Sentimental value adds a lot to your favorite graphic T-shirt too. If you're only wearing it around the house because its less than flattering, give it some style by turning it into a V-neck. V-necks are more flattering on women than crew necks and have the added bonus of showing off your necklaces. Little is more simple than this basic alteration.


Lay your T-shirt down on your kitchen table or any flat surface that doesn't require yoga classes to bend down and reach.


Draw a "V" with your chalk on the front of the shirt. Start an inch or two to the left of your shirt collar and draw a diagonal line toward the center of the shirt's chest. Draw a diagonal line starting at the end of your first line in the opposite direction. Stop at the top of the shirt, an inch or two on the right side of the shirt's collar.


Grasp your scissors in your writing hand, and both layers of the T (front and back) in your other hand.


Cut through both layers of fabric at once, along your chalk line. This creates a V in the front and in the back, which is tres stylish and adds a bit of sex appeal too by showing off your back.

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If you don't want a V in the back, just cut a small slit in the center of your round collar. Put the shirt on in front of the mirror and slowly rip the shirt until the cut is as deep and wide as you want it. You'll only have a V in the front.


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