How to Alter a Bra

Bras can be altered to give you a custom fit.

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An ill-fitting bra can leave you feeling uncomfortable and vulnerable. You don't want to spill out of your cups at a big meeting -- or when meeting someone new. But buying a new bra can be costly. Sometimes even new bras, purchased in the correct size, can use some adjustments. Alter your bra to ensure a secure fit and no embarrassing moments.


Be sure your straps are fitted for your body. Adjust them on each side until they are comfortable and don't slip.


If the straps are too long, you can hold them in place with a strap securer. Just slide it onto the back of your bra straps and adjust it until it is comfortable. You can also tighten them with a safety pin and sew them in place for a more permanent tweaking.


You can adjust the length of the bra by adding a bra-extender. Secure it to the eyelet hooks and adjust according to your needs. This can allow for up to two more inches of length, which is great if you fall in the middle with your measurements.


If your bra straps dig into your shoulders, padded shoulder cushions provide relief yet still remain obscure.


If the cups have become too big, which can happen with even the slightest weight change, insert push-up pads into your bra for a more secure fit.

Things You'll Need


1.Bra extender

3.Safety pin


7.Shoulder cushions

2.Strap securer


6.Push-up cups


Tips & Tricks


You can also make your own custom-fit bra from scratch. This is especially helpful if you have a large bust, as you can add reinforcements to your liking.

Find the right bra for your body type: Ask to be measured in-store before you purchase a new bra.


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