About Almond-Shaped Eyes

Almond-shaped eyes are naturally gorgeous.

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When it comes to spellbinding eyes, some women have a natural edge on everyone else. If your baby blues, beautiful browns, heavenly hazels, gorgeous greens or blissful blacks have an almond shape, girl, you've got the goods. The almond eye shape is common, and it is also the "ideal shape," according to makeup artist Victoria Bush. Use eye makeup and brow shaping to take full advantage of your eye shape with for truly flaunt-worthy eyes.

ID an Almond

The inner corner of the almond-shape eye eye resembles the tapered point of an almond and rounds up and out to a slightly upturned outer corner. People of many different ethnicities may have almond-shaped eyes.

Line 'Em Up

For many women, eyeliner is used to camouflage imperfections in eye shape. But not for you, lucky lady. The almond-shaped eye can pull off almost any eyeliner look. Since the almond shape is ideal, for your everyday makeup, use eyeliner to highlight that great shape. Put eyeliner on the outer half of the upper and lower lash line to make your eyes look large and romantic. Make sure to use light strokes and apply lightly toward the middle, getting darker and heavier toward the outer edge.

Shadow Styles

With an almond eye, feel free to experiment with different eye shadow placement, but a classic eye will always serve you well. Work with three shades and place the lightest shade on the inner half of the lid, the darker shade on the outer half and the crease, and the lightest shade on the brow bone.

Brow Perfection

If eyes are the windows to the soul, eyebrows must be the artfully hung valances, setting off the view to maximum effect. Your perfect brow is determined by a number of factors, not just your eye shape, but with oval eyes, you will want to consider a more angled brow rather than one that is a rounded arch.

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