Is Almond Oil Good for Reducing Bags & Dark Circles Under the Eyes?

Almond oil offers healing benefits for skin irritations like eczema and dandruff.

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From shampoos and conditioners to skin care products, almond oil extract is a primary ingredient because of its natural ability to soften, repair and moisturize the skin, including the ability to diminish dark under eye circles. Almond oil in its natural form offers firming and conditioning skin benefits and won't harm the delicate eye skin. Of course, if you are allergic to almonds when ingested, you are still going to be allergic to them when the oil is applied topically.

Natural Almond Oil

When pressed, almonds release a sweet oil that is packed with vitamins and nutrients for both internal and external health. Vitamins E and B-6 are great skin emollients, which means when the oil is applied topically, it softens, conditions and protects the skin from outside damage. Almond oil is a natural moisturizer and won't clog the pores. This sweet oil soaks deep into the skin, loosening dead, dry skin cells and forcing impurities from the pores.

Causes of Dark Eye Circles

Dark eye bags pop up quickly, giving your eyes a sunken appearance. Makeup may conceal these irritating bags but doesn't do a thing to fix the problem. After hereditary causes, factors such as increased stress, lack of adequate sleep, nutritional deficiencies and illnesses like asthma, eczema and allergies are the more common causes of under eye circles. You can't change what your momma gave you, but you can make sure you sleep eight hours a night, reduce stress, eat right and seek medical attention when applicable. However, if your under eye circles resemble a raccoon's eyes, using almond oil can help to diminish the problem.

Almond Oil Treatment

Almond oil is pretty close in texture and consistency to your skin's natural oil, sebum, so it's absorbed quickly and easily so your skin won't be greasy. Almond oil doesn't need any additional ingredients to knock out dark under eye bags. It moisturizes the skin, reducing swelling and providing vitamin E and other nutrients, to lighten and firm the dark, swollen skin under the eyes. As an added bonus, almond oil firms this skin around the eye to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, like laugh lines. Unlike other natural oil remedies, almond oil actually smells nice, too.

Instructions and Frequency

For two weeks, use your ring finger to massage a little almond oil under and around your eyes each night at bedtime. Your ring finger applies the least amount of pressure to avoid injuring the delicate under eye area. Make sure your face is clean; makeup, dirt and skin care products prevent the almond oil from seeping into the tissue, and then it won't do a thing to repair the eye circles. Usually two weeks is enough to show significant improvement but if not, be sure to take a week off in between each two-week almond oil treatment. A week of rest between treatments rejuvenates the skin cells and avoids excessive oily buildup. Once your dark eye circles have improved, make sure you take care of yourself to keep them from returning. As mentioned, avoid using almond oil as an external treatment if you have allergic reactions to almonds.

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