What to Do After Hair Dye Makes Your Hair Fall Out

Shave your head and start over when your hair falls out.

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The first thing to do after hair dye makes your hair fall out is to never use that brand of coloring again. And stay far, far away from any hairdresser who recommends it to you. Your hair will grow back eventually unless you've got a medical condition that your doctor can treat. In the meantime, you have options.


If your hair falls out due to hair dye, go out and have fun with wigs. Wigs come in so many different sizes and colors, so think of this as the perfect time to try being a blonde if you've spent your life with brown hair. Go red with a wig that also has blond streaks and highlights to provoke an edgier image. Get long, sweeping locks if you've never had the patience to grow out your hair or check out a little curly cap cut wig if you've worn your hair long since grade school.

Take Care

Take care of your scalp and the new fuzz and stubble that will start growing back the very next day. Your follicles are going to be a little more sensitive so you can't be scrubbing and rubbing like you used to. Instead, use a gentle cleanser on the new hair and lightly smooth it over your scalp. Let the shower stream rinse it off. Put away the hair dryer for as long as you can stand it. Heat is one of the worst offenders of damaged hair, and you need to let your hair grow back without any impedance. Let your new hair air dry instead. Sleep on a satin pillowcase to pamper your scalp through the night.

Minoxidil It

Minoxidil is the only hair-growing product on the market that's approved by the Food and Drug Administration, according to the American Hair Loss Association. Its use was discovered accidentally when people taking minoxidil for high blood pressure started growing hair. Researchers found that rubbing it directly on the scalp stimulated new hair to grow. You can get the formula designed for women at most drugstores now. The female version contains only a 2-percent solution versus the stronger 5 percent in the men's formula. The drug gets absorbed into your bloodstream, so you don’t want to mess around with heavier doses anyway.

Go For It

If your dye job ended up leaving you with patches of hair that make you look like you just had a visit with a mad scientist, go ahead and shave it all off and free yourself. As it grows back, your hair will come in more evenly and you won't have to deal with damaged patches that need extra care to mind their manners. Don't like the wigs? Get into scarves for a while and tie them tightly around your head. Pull out the collection of hats that have been sitting in your closet for years and wait for the surprising clean, healthy hair you'll get when it's all over.

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