African-American Skin Products

Keep your skin gorgeous with solutions specially created for you.

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“Black don’t crack” is a universal saying passed down from grandmothers to mothers and eventually to you. While African American skin is highly resilient and thick compared to other shades of beauty, your black will crack if you neglect it. Keep your brown skin smooth, sexy and radiant with customized solutions for a fierce face and body.


Maintaining great African- American skin starts with eliminating dirt, pollution and impurities by cleansing both your face and body daily. The best cleansers for black skin keep the skin hydrated without removing essential oils. The ethnic skin care line AloeForMocha offers a hydrating cream cleanser for dry skin with rosewater, green tea and licorice extracts to leave the skin feeling smooth and velvety. Those with oilier skin should choose a deep cleansing lotion that removes dirt and oil that cause breakouts without over-drying the skin; one such is Makari's Deep Cleansing Lotion. For love and care in the shower, choose a body wash that keeps moisture in, like Carol’s Daughter’s Almond Cookie Body Cleansing Gel, which leaves the skin feeling conditioned and refreshed with natural coconut, lemon and orange oil extracts. Not a body wash connoisseur? Chose a soap bar made with hydrating ingredients like shea butter and vitamins A and E, like Out of Africa's Organic Shea Butter Soap. Stay away from alcohol in cleansers, which tends to dry out the skin.


Removing dead skin cells to reveal bright, radiant skin is key to maintaining African-American skin, which is prone to scarring and discoloration, especially after acne breakouts or bruises. Keep skin clear by exfoliating two or three times per week after cleansing the skin. The Pomegranate Kiwi Sugar Body Polish by Pooka Pure and Simple or ADiva Natural's Coconut Mango scrub add extra exfoliation to help rejuvenate lack-luster skin. Gently massage the scrub in an upward motion from toes to shoulders, but be careful and don't be too abrasive. You can kick up the dead cell removal process by adding exfoliating gloves like The Body Shop's bath gloves for glowing skin.


Keeping your skin hydrated is essential to keeping your skin radiant and glowing. Darker skin tones can get that “ashy” look when not properly lubricated. For extremely dry skin, it’s best to stick with products that contain shea and cocoa butters; one such is Sol Therepe’s lavendar and shea body butter. Also, Karen's Body Beautiful's shea butter calms, hydrates and soothes the skin. For a lighter alternative for normal skin, try a creamy butter or lotion, like Whoop Ash’s Whipped all-over daily body butter cream, to give skin a radiant sheen. For best results, apply butters and creams after a warm shower every day when skin is slightly damp, to help lock in moisture. Seal in the products by wearing long pants and socks to bed to awake with soft, supple skin.


Although it is true that darker skin is more resilient to sun damage compared to other skin tones, it is still vulnerable to UV radiation and skin cancer. Use an SPF daily, especially when you are out of doors and even if you don’t see the sun. NYRAJU Skin Care's SPF 30 Sheer Daytime Moisturizer and Black Opal's Resurfacing and Moisturizing Daily SPF 15 lotions protect African-American skin from premature aging, which is caused by the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Add an SPF to your normal skin routine right before you put on your makeup to give your skin sun protection throughout the day.

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