The Advantages of a Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer

Set curls stronger with a soft bonnet dryer.

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Collapsible soft bonnet dryers allow you to have a hooded dryer at home, giving you more options for conditioning and styling your locks. Use the soft bonnet dryer to pamper your mane with scalp moisturizing treatments or to set curls, twists and braids. These dryers take longer to work than handheld dryers, but offer advantages that make the time well-spent.

Hot Oil Help

Dry hair needs hydration, and hot oil and deep conditioning treatments offer mega moisture. Apply one of these treatments and put on a shower cap. Sit under the bonnet dryer and adjust the cap to fit over your head. The heat from the dryer will set the treatment, helping it process faster. Even better, the heat also gets the moisture directly into the strands where it can hydrate hair.

Setting Styles

For setting rollers, braids and twist styles, a soft bonnet hair dryer works far better than a handheld dryer. The bonnet dryer sets the look through gradual heat. This is less damaging to your hair than using the curling iron to get the same waves, and the curls hold longer.

Soft Bonnet

A soft bonnet adjusts to fit around your head, directing all of the heat toward your tresses. With a hard hooded dryer, heat is wasted as it flows down your neck and shoulders. It may take longer to dry tresses because you're losing some of the heat. The adjustable soft bonnet expands to go over rollers and compacts to store easily.

Usage Tips

Don't use a bonnet dryer near a water source. Use a high heat setting on wet hair, and low or medium settings for damp hair. When you've finished drying, depress the release button to open the locking mechanism. Use the drawstring to open up the bonnet hood and release your head. Never store a bonnet dryer while the unit is still hot. Wait until the unit cools fulls, then collapse the unit and store. Keep the soft hood away from plugs and anything else that can pierce the bonnet.

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