The Advantages of Front Clip Bras

If you're tired of fumbling around behind your back, slip into a front clip bra.

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A good bra is like a good friend -- supportive, uplifting, always there for you. However, not all bras are created equal. Back-closure bras are the most common, but the large band of hooks and eyes may irritate delicate skin. Before you decide to skip the bra and let the girls go free, look into a front clip bra. You’ll feel stable and supported without that annoying back clasp.

What Is a Front Clip Bra?

Front clip bras aren’t that different from traditional back closing bras, with the exception that the closure mechanism is in front rather than along your spine. These handy undergarments are useful for both petite and voluptuous ladies, with larger bras having more clips for extra support. Front clip bras may have either permanent or convertible straps, and can be worn with everything from your favorite summery tank top to your smokin’ little black dress.

Ease of Wear

Many women know the irritation and frustration of trying to put on a back-closure bra. Do you put it on and then flail around trying to clip it behind your back? Or do you put it on backwards and shimmy around like a bad dancer as you yank the cups to your bosom? Front clip bras totally eliminate the awkward putting-on process, allowing you to slip the bra over your shoulders and close it in front where you can see. Even full-figured bras with multiple hooks are easy to fasten when they are visible.

Save Your Skin

Back clasp bras are notorious for irritating that little patch of skin at the middle of your back. Those tiny metal teeth biting into your skin are far from comfortable, and most women suffer because it’s completely inappropriate to strip off your bra in the middle of the work day. The clasps on front clip bras sit in the small valley between the breasts, keeping them away from the skin for support without irritation.

Extra Support

The band on your bra is the most important support piece in the entire garment, and the wider the band, the more supportive the bra. Traditional back clasp bra bands aren’t very wide and often shift and fold during the day for even less support. Front clip bras commonly have wider bands that don’t bend or flex, for continual support to keep you, and your girls, happy well into the evening.

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