How to Adjust Hair Clipper Blades

Blades on hair clippers are adjustable.

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An electric hair clipper can give you a close cut, which can be useful, especially if you have a short and flirty hairstyle. When you use an electric hair clipper, you have to make sure you keep the blades adjusted properly. Blades that are misaligned could end up cutting your skin if you're not careful. Adjust hair clipper blades before you buzz a 'do.


Look at the blades to see if they need aligning. The teeth of the top blade need to be 1/32-inch to 1/16-inch below the teeth of the bottom blade. The top and bottom blades have to be parallel to each other and straight. The top blade tooth on the left edge has to cover the bottom blade tooth on the left edge. The top blade tooth on the right edge needs to touch the bottom blade tooth on the right edge.


Loosen the two screws with the screwdriver if you need to align the blades. You don't need to remove the screws, just loosen them one or two revolutions and adjust the blades as described in Step 1.


Tighten the two screws with the screwdriver after you finish aligning them. Tighten them as tightly as possible with the screwdriver.

Things You'll Need


1.Flat screwdriver


Tips & Tricks


If your electric clipper has a lever to adjust the taper, you can move this lever up or down to cut shorter or longer with the clipper. Position the taper lever at the highest position for the closest cut and at the lowest position for the longest cut. You can position it anywhere in between these two positions for cut lengths between shortest and longest.


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