How to Adhere Crystals to Clothing

Jazz up that old tank top with a burst of sparkling crystals.

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If looking at your closet makes you want to sigh with frustration and hit the mall, it's time to revamp some of those old, boring clothes. Adding crystals or rhinestones is a glamorous way to make your tired clothes look instantly fab. With the right materials and a creative spirit, get ready to play fashion designer.


Arrange the crystals of your choice in the pattern that you would like to put on your clothes. Keep moving them around until you find the design you're happy with, because once you glue it on, there's no going back.


Place a small dot of fabric glue on the back of one crystal and stick the crystal on to your scrap material. Check if the glue is oozing out the sides of the crystal to see if you put on too much; if you put on too little, the crystal will easily fall off after a few minutes of drying time. Test until you get the right amount of glue.


Place fabric glue on the back of each crystal and stick it on the right place on your item. Make sure the item is lying flat and can be left there to dry.


Allow the clothes to dry overnight to let the glue completely set.

Things You'll Need


1.Flat-backed crystals

3.Scrap material

2.Fabric glue



Tips & Tricks


Don't stop at just tank tops and blouses: you can put crystals on jeans, shorts, headbands, bags and just about anything.

Don't apply glue to more than a few crystals at a time or the glue will dry and there will be a glue-bump on the back of the crystal, making it hard to put on new glue.

Don't machine wash your clothes once you have jazzed them up with crystals; hand wash only.


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