How to Add Layers Into Your Hair With Twisting the Hair and Cutting It

Twist and cut layers.

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Are you tired of looking blunt? Get wild, flowing layers without having to step one foot in a beauty salon. Unlike a blunt cut that adds weight to the bottom of your hair, layers produce all over volume that can't be beat. Add layers to your hair with a simple twist of a ponytail and clip of the scissors. Yes, it's true; if you can twist your hair, you can cut your own layers.


Shampoo, condition and towel dry your hair to remove excess water. You want your hair clean, sleek and just slightly damp before you cut. A head of hair that's full of sticky styling products just won't cut it.


Spritz your hair with a de-tangler, grab a seat and flip your hair forward. Comb all of your hair forward starting at the nape of your neck, working your way up to your crown. Take the time to remove knots while you comb.


Keep your head and hair in the flipped position; grab your hair with your hands, as if you are going to make a ponytail in the middle of the top of your head. Yet, instead of tying it up in a pretty ribbon, twist it! Keep twisting and twisting, until your hair is tight. But not too tight! How do you know? If the twist starts to coil, it's too tight.


Hold the twist in one hand and make your cut. While you don't need an expensive pair of Musashi's, the scissors you use should be sharp and easy to handle. Don't pull out a pair of over-sized kitchen shears and start hacking. Cut the hair at the end of the twist, evenly, straight across. Keep in mind, the more length you cut, the more layers you will have.


Release your hair and flip it back after cutting. Give it a quick combing and dry your hair as usual. Check your look in the mirror. You're an awesome hairdresser!

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6.Sharp scissors


Tips & Tricks


You can alter your layers by placing the twist in different positions. For instance, the middle of the head (like we did here) will give you even layers. Placing the twist further back towards your nape will give you longer layers around your face and shorter layers in the back of your head. Just the opposite, setting the twist more towards your forehead will give you shorter layers around your face and longer layers in back. Make sense?

Hair too short for a ponytail? Grab sections of hair, twist and cut the same amount off of each twist. Easy enough?

Do not cut haphazardly. Always comb your hair to remove tangles, pull your hair into a neat ponytail, and twist before cutting. Cutting your hair with a messy, knotted twist will give you messy, uneven layers.


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