How to Add Hair Color to Shampoo

Make you own color-enhancing shampoo at home.

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You love your locks right after coloring, but in a couple of weeks, your terrific tresses resemble drab dreads. With repeated shampooing, vibrant hair color can fade. Color-enhancing shampoo bridges the gap between colorings, refreshing your hair after every shampoo. The best part is -- you don't have to buy a colorized shampoo or ask your hair stylist to formulate one for you. You can make your own version at home and your hair will keep its awesome color even if you wash it daily. Color you fantastic!


Use the same hair color shade that you use to color your hair. It's available from beauty supply stores that sell to the public; you'll need a small bottle of colorant in a shade that exactly matches your hair.


Pour equal amounts of hair colorant and shampoo into a small plastic bottle and shake well to mix.


Store your color-enhancing shampoo out of direct sunlight and use as you would regular shampoo, lathering up and leaving it on your hair for five minutes before rinsing.

Things You'll Need



3.Plastic bottle with lid

2.Hair colorant


Tips & Tricks


If you can't find a beauty supply store, you can use the bottle of colorant that comes in a hair coloring kit.

To make your color shampoo last longer, use regular shampoo for the first lathering and apply your color shampoo for the second lathering.

Blend a custom-color enhancing shampoo by blending two different hair colorant shades. Mix as instructed in Step 2.

Add hair colorant to your favorite rinse-out conditioner for even more va-va-voom. Mix one part of colorant with two parts of conditioner and apply to your hair after shampooing for terrific tangle-free tresses.

Use a laminating hair spray to seal your hair's cuticle and reduce fading while adding reflection and shine. Dazzle away!

Using color-enhancing shampoo may darken highlights. These lighter strands of hair are more porous than the rest of your hair and they may absorb the color from the shampoo quickly, making them just as dark as the rest of your hair.

Smooth lotion on your face, neck and near your hairline before shampooing to prevent staining your skin.


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