How to Add Beads to Braided Hair

Adding beads to braided hair can add a splash of color and fun.

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Braided hair is a relatively easy hairstyle to achieve and can be a simple way to put hair up while requiring little maintenance. Adding beads to braided hair can add a touch of color to the hairstyle and help create a fun, relaxed look. Putting beads into braided hair requires a bead hook and medium- to large-size beads, both of which can be purchased at most craft or sewing stores. It is also handy to have a spray bottle of water on hand to smooth the hair, which makes adding the beads a little easier.


Create sections of hair that are approximately 1/2 to 1 inch in width. Clip aside sections of hair until you are ready to braid and bead each one.


Braid a section of hair to about 1 inch in length. If hair is already braided, unravel the braid so that only about a 1-inch section is left. Pinch the ends of the braided section with two fingers to keep it from unraveling.


Place a bead on the bead hook and take one braid strand in one hand, holding the other two braid strands closed with the other hand. Thread the braid strand through the bead hook loop.


Carefully pull the bead hook in a downward motion until the hair slides out of the loop. The bead will remain on the braid.


Lightly moisten the remaining hair with the water bottle and continue braiding until another 1-inch section has been completed.


Repeat steps 2 through 4 until the hair section is completed. Fasten with a hair elastic band. Repeat with other sections of hair as desired.

Things You'll Need




5.Hair elastic

2.Bead hook

4.Spray bottle


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