Acupressure for Reducing the Bags Under Your Eyes

Patting gently on your eyes can help to reduce bags.

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Your facial skin tends to be delicate enough as it is -- but the area underneath your eyes is especially delicate. This means when you eat a little too much salt and retain water, don’t sleep with your head propped up or simply don’t sleep, you can retain water underneath your eyes, leading to the development of under-eye bags. Applying acupressure techniques may speed the movement of fluid away from the under-eye area and diminish the appearance of bags. After all, the only bags a girl needs are the kind you stuff with goodies during a shopping trip!

Indirect Pressure

Sometimes acupressure involves pressing on other parts of your body that affect your eyes. When you have under-eye bags, try pressing on the acupressure point for your eyes, which is located on your palm, just underneath your index finger, according to "The Guardian," London’s daily newspaper. Gently press on this area with your thumb or index finger for 15 to 30 seconds several times. Repeat on the opposite hand. You also can do this throughout the day to stimulate blood flow to the area and reduce bags.

Direct Pressure

Sleeping with your head propped up encourages the pull of gravity on the fluid under your eyes -- but sometimes you throw your pillow around or skip miss it altogether. An acupressure technique of patting and pressing on the area under your eye can help to stimulate the movement of the fluid and lessen your under-eye bags. To accomplish this, use your ring finger to gently press and direct your finger downward on the area under your eyes, starting with the inner eye and working your way to the outer portion. You will likely use the "pat and press" acupressure method about four to five pats for each eye. The pressure should be similar to what you use to apply concealer -- firm, but not too hard. Imagine you are moving the fluid away from underneath your eyes as you use this acupressure technique. You can repeat this technique several times throughout the day if your bags reappear.

Cooling Option

An alternative to the patting option is delivering acupressure plus cool temperatures. The temperature can help to constrict swollen blood vessels that are contributing to under-eye bags. To make this method work for you, dip a washcloth in cool water and place the washcloth over your eyes while you are sitting up. Place mild pressure on your eyes and let the cold temperatures and pressure do the work. Continue this for about two to three minutes for maximum effect.


Although acupressure does involve applying light pressure to the body, it isn’t meant to be firm or harsh. This means you don’t have to harshly push on the areas under your eyes for them to work effectively. In fact, if you push too hard, you may risk injuring your delicate under-eye area.

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