Acne Stoppers

Proper skin care can help send your acne packing.

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Like a snarky run in your favorite nylons, an acne flareup can progress at lightning-fast speed. Stopping the acne attack in its tracks requires some diligent diva procedures. Without prompt and proper care, pimples and pustules can spread and may even lead to the development of permanent lesions and pitted scars.

Wizardly Washing

No, washing isn't magic, but it is the first line of defense in stopping the onslaught of a full-fledged pimple attack. Wash your face twice each day using a deep-cleansing facial wash and warm water. Skip the sadistic scrubs that scrape away at your tender skin. These exfoliation cleansers can irritate your skin and exacerbate acne. Gentle sudsing and thorough rinsing help to remove the daily grime without promoting more pimples.

Pimple Products

Over-the-counter products contain ingredients that help dry out excess acne and unclog blocked pores. These products usually contain salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. Most require you to apply the solution once or twice each day to the affected areas. Although these are not prescription-strength medications, incorrect use can lead to excessive dryness and redness. Minimize the flake factor by using a small amount once each day and adding more to reach the desired level of effectiveness.

Foundation Factors

Sure, you want to hide those hideous zits with makeup, but foundation may increase your acne. Noncomodogenic products are ones that don't contain ingredients known to block pores. Selecting only products that use noncomodogenic ingredients will help reduce the risk. Wash your hands before applying your makeup and avoid using dirty makeup sponges or filthy brushes.

Medical Marvels

Stubborn skin eruptions sometimes require calling in reinforcements. Your doctor can prescribe topical acne medications that increase your skin's rate of renewal. Products that contain retinoids can help speed up skin sloughing, helping to keep your pores clear and free of oils, grime and pollutants that can cause clogs. Antibiotic creams and prescription-strength benzoyl peroxide may also help minimize those pouty pimples. In addition to topical products, your doctor may prescribe oral antibiotics to reduce your acne flareups. Prompt treatment, especially in the case of severe acne, will help reduce the risk of acne scarring and pitting.

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