Best-Absorbed Oils for the Face

Using natural oils can give you naturally glowing skin.

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Natural oils that your face easily absorbs make wonderful moisturizers. In fact, your face can absorb some oils much better than lotions or creams. When applying the oil, start with a clean face, gently massaging the oil in. Remember, if your face looks shiny, that's because you still have oil on the surface that your face hasn't absorbed. Gently massage it in, or blot it off.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is one of the most easily absorbed oils for the face. When using olive oil -- or any oil, for that matter -- use only the purest, highest quality you can get your hands on. For olive oil, this means going extra virgin. Also look for cold-pressed, organic oil. To create a mask rather than just using the oil alone as a moisturizer, mash up half an avocado with about a teaspoon of olive oil (no need to stress too much about measurements). Leave it on your face 10 minutes, then rinse. Use olive oil as a gentle makeup remover, even around your peepers.

Coconut Oil

If you want your skin to feel soft and smell great, grab some coconut oil, another of the most easily absorbed oils out there. The oil will feel pretty solid when you scoop it out of the jar, but just rub it in your fingertips for a moment to heat it up. As with any oil, look for organic, cold-pressed oil so you give your face only the purest stuff possible.

Shea Oil

Shea oil, or shea butter, acts as a rich facial moisturizer and a fantastic lip balm, too. Keep it out of the sun in a cool place so it won't go bad. A little goes a long way, so your shea oil will last a long time if stored properly.

Almond and Apricot Oils

These two delicious-smelling oils absorb well into the skin and make wonderful daily moisturizers. They also make a yummy-smelling base for facial scrubs. Combine about a teaspoon of oil with a teaspoon of finely ground almonds for a simple fix. The oil gently moisturizes while the almonds exfoliate. Afterward, massage in a little oil on its own.

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