10 Ways to Keep Your Face Looking Naturally Beautiful

Healthful habits boost natural beauty.

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You want your face to look beautiful and there are all sorts of products available to help you do that. Even so, it’s not all about creating an illusion. When the products come off, you still want a face that's beautiful in its natural state. Not to worry, all it takes is attention to some simple and healthful practices. It turns out that the same actions that keep you feeling good also keep you looking good.

Have a Glass of Water

You need water to exist, sure, but it you also need it for beautiful skin. Moisture keeps your skin from looking and feeling dry. Forget the myth of eight glasses of water a day, though. According to Harvard Medical School, aim for 48 to 64 ounces per day of all liquids, not just water, to keep you well hydrated.

Dab On Some Moisturizer

Now that you know the connection between skin moisture and beauty, you’re probably inspired. Let the inspiration extend to applying moisturizer to your face regularly, especially after washing. A moisturizing product holds that hydration in.

Combat Winter Dryness

If you live where the weather gets cold, be aware that the low humidity of heated rooms isn’t kind to your beautiful face. During the winter, use a humidifier, stick to mild soap and short showers, and don’t spare the lip balm.

Reject UV

You know that ultraviolet rays can damage your skin and even cause cancer. They also cause other, less serious forms of blemishing, such as wrinkles. Get in the habit of using makeup and moisturizers that contain sunscreen and invest in a pretty and protective hat.

Nourish Your Beauty

One of the best ways to look and feel good is to eat a balanced diet. Eat fresh whenever possible and plan to get most vitamins and minerals from food, not supplements. Getting your grains and veggies while limiting sweets and fats can keep your skin glowing.

Get Moving

For your health, diet and exercise go hand in hand. Do whatever kind of exercise you like, as long as you’re up and moving every day. If you can get out in the fresh air to do it, you’ll be rewarded with naturally rosy cheeks.

The Rest of the Story

All that exercise added to your already busy life might make you tired. Get the sleep you need at night and grab a nap if you feel sluggish during the day. Your bright eyes and easy smile from being well-rested makes you not only naturally attractive, but a pleasure to be around.

Make Minor Improvements

You’re taking steps to improve your natural beauty and your skin is so nice it doesn’t need much help. Still, there are times when you want to enhance what you have. Do that by applying just a little makeup lightly. You might be tempted to drop into bed without removing your makeup. Resist the urge and take a few minutes to scrub your face before sleep. Your clear skin will thank you.

Stress Less

Worry, stress and unhappiness are inevitable. Learn how to deal with them in healthy ways. A frown makes your face less beautiful all by itself. Besides that, not coping well affects your health and, in turn, your looks.

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